Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bi's birthday party ♥

Sorry for the late update
Repost now hehe :P
The main thing I was trying to say was.... JUST SEE THE TITLLE LAH!! xD
Hmm, I think you guys prefer to use pictures to pretend what I want to say better than I type alot~
I know right, yea xD
Well, it's happent on last last week :)

13/07/2013 saturday 
My baby boy birhtday party :)
I am not going to talk alot~
Enjoy the pictures hahah :D

Happy Birthday to you my baby boy ♥ ^_^
At his house before we went to his grandma house for the buffet party :)

Ma kiss for his birthday present 
Only a kiss xD
No lah, I am just jokking :P
Of course I bought something for him lah~!
A pair of Giodarno white sky blue couple shirt 

Girls always reserve better thing ngiak ngiak 
I reserve a kiss back on HIS BIRTHDAY xD

After that, we went to Subang Inti college to bring his friends to grandma house ^_^
About 7pm something, we reached....

Hiak Hiak 
Baby's post so leng zaii :P
But I am not leng lui at this moment T^T
I know I am a leng lui der, but just wrong timing T^T
Sad T^T
It's okay, nevermind ):
As the main character not me heheh 
Is the birthday boy, maboy 

He said he is fat in this picture heheh xD
Fatty boom boom 

I like taking photograph :)
The best feeling to me was taking a nice camera (act professional ahahah) 
Since he is busying talking and playing with his friends....
(Well, he is ignoring me that time, too busy, such a business man)
Then I try my best to take those best shot while his friends laughing and playing~
Really nice when holding a camera 
But I don't have enough money to buy a camera for myself -_-
My parents won't buy it for me too D:
So after SPM, I decide to go work to earn some money to buy one for myself :)
After that take all pictures to record me and his life, his family and my family too 

Well...... Turn back to the main point HAHAHAH 

Time to have cake wakakas :D

His college friends 
Wency Chan was so leng lui :P
Ester was so friendly too :D
Yen Seung Lee so funny lol
Nice to meet you all ;)
多多指教 LOL

His secondary friends 
Wai Kin face so cute -_-
Jovi eat so much xD
Pei Jiun eat so much of ice kacang -_-
Sibelle very natural :D

Happy 20th Birthday to my lovest honey 
I love you very much ♥ ^_^

Whay amost get drunk hahahah!!! XD
Noob, drunker xD
He said that he didn't drunk, but during the card game....
9, 10, J, Q, K become 8, 9, J, Q, K
Then he said:" I purposely de, see u guys got kena my trape anot only ma!"
Shhhh, don't let him know this, he will hantam me xD
After that we play until 11pm + something then go yamcha
During yamcha, whay keep ask vin bring him home xD
Almost 12 to 1 am something only reach home~

I set my hair to curly like this

Did this suitable to me more or straight hair more? o.O
I don't know lol
No one realise this T^T


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