Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photoshot ♥

Well, it's a long post too heheh :P
Really sorry that I am late ):
Sorry guys >_<
Don't waste time, let's start the topic :D
24 May 2013 
I went to setia walk with baby for photoshot 
The photographer is my best best friend!
Our friendship start since we were primary school hahah
Erm, standard 5 I think hahah
Time run so damn fast, already 6 years more O__O
J-seng Soh ->> :D
This is his facebook link, if you're interested to take photoshot, you can contact him in facebook ;)
You can call him JS
I want to apologize to those were overseas as he just take Malaysia >_<
He will reply you as fast as he can ahahah

Bi so leng zai 

Except my father, you're the best man in my world 
The best an the most confortable shoulder to let me lie on it when I am sad 

Well, I am already 17!
But I still look like a children 

JS accidently get this shot 
Natural love 

The man always carry me when I was being tired and lazy to walk 
The only man which carry me on my life journey 

" What you want to eat? "
" I don't know? Can you decide for me honey? "
" Eat you ♥ "
" Awww ♥ :3 "

JS like this most
But I not really like -_-
Like a sor po xD
JS said that my hair very natural, following the air -_-

Having lunch with honey at the museum bar restaurant :D
I am playing the spoon HAHAH

And.... he is laughing at me because I am playing the spoon =3=

Baby Samsung s3
Awww, I am so pretty in this picture :3 ♥ :P xD

After lunch, we went to have a walk 
Owh no, I am so fat T^T

I was so touching when he get down ♥ TvT
I know he is the future man in my wedding, I feel it~
But I won't marry you if you don't have a house, a flower, and a ring xD
Luckily he didn't say any touching words...
I will cry if he said it >_<

The most picture I like is this picture 
Heheh, I am so pretty xD
I know it, thank you thank you HAHAHAH xD

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