Saturday, September 21, 2013

Langkawi Pantai Cenang trip

Flash back to last month haha
I went to langkawi Pantai Cenang with my lovely boy and his friends
I had an awesome trip with them
This is the first trip that stay night with boyfriend
At first I thought my parents were not allow me to go as stay night with my boy
I can't believe they allow me to follow him
It's really happy :p
Well, i took few photo at there while they were playing water
Unlucky cause I can't join with them, I was having period that time ):
So I borrow Gynette jie jie d DSLR walk alround and take picture hehe :p
But she edited the pictures haha
Thats my hobby, I like photographing but I don't have DSLR camera
If my parents would present me it for my next year birthday.... (ah, think too much haha)
Well, enjoy the pictures :)

Weihh, he is mine :(

Happy Three Friends HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
From the left whay, Pei and Jovi

credit by Vin Vin
Vin Vin, we miss u D:

Heading to Ipoh and have dinner
After that home >_<

I miss you guys
I miss bed time that you hug me tight and sleep together
I miss the time traveling with you guys
Wish we have another chance ;)

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