Thursday, July 25, 2013

Genting ♥

It was sooooooo damn happy with them
Family is family 
They are my second family :)
We went to Genting straight after school and the next day have school
It's so crazy hahah
We went up there for wacthing the 24 festival show 
My favourite thing in my life 
The drum is my husband xD
I married him since I was form 4 (last year) xD
Enjoy the pictures :P

In the convention centre 

After the 24 festival show, we went out to play and take pictures xD
Actually the shows haven't finished :P

Me and Pei Chian 
The one I care the most in friendship, But I don't know doesn't her? :)

Me and Sea Freeze 
I am her new family member? xD
Hope so, but she is mine family member 

The highest man in my school~
Eng Hwei~!
辉哥 xDDDD
Since I back, I need to walk alone, but he said a very touching words TvT
He said:" You are our sister ma, we should take good care of you de~!
If you got accident, how we gonna tell moody?
So cannot walk alone, we teman you!"
Thank you Yong Hui TvT
One family forever 

Jover!!!!!!!! xD
The cashier in our family xD
They say we wear couple shirt LOL
Accidently kena same shirt with him de la, not purposely guys =3=

Emo post~~

After that we decide to go bowling =3=

Me and Leong :D 

Me and Jover :D 

Me and Jiho :D 
The japanese man HAHAH

Me and Pei Chian ♥ 

Me and Sea Freeze ♥ 

I am so leng zai ♥v

We are trying to follow the children behind us xD 

With the girls 

With the boys 

With the shoes xD
From the left start: Yong Hui, teacher, Jover, Jiho, Pei Chian, Sea Freeze, Leong and me
Family doens't need to keep everything 
Just play along with using no brain style 
And crazy style too 
This is us ♥ :)

This is my family! 
This is the way what we pretend, only for the family members ♥ :)

Credit by teacher HAHA

Lastly, the big photo before we "landed" Genting xD

I love you guys as a family very much 
Appreciate :)

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